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From a three-men company in 1995, we have grown to become the largest ion-membrane Chlor-alkali producer in Jiangsu Province, PRC.  Today, SP Chemicals, with annual turnovers exceeding RMB5.7 billion, manufactures and sells 320,000 ton per annum styrene monomer, 500,000 ton per annum vinyl chloride monomer, 750,000 ton per annum chlor-alkali products and other related downstream products.  We strive to continue to scale new heights through widening our product range and entrenching our position through backward and forward integration.

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SP Chemicals produces raw materials that were widely used in various applications across a diverse range of industries. Chemicals produced by us are essential to daily living and enhance almost every aspect of modern life.

Styrene Monomer
Vinyl Chloride Monomer
Caustic Soda