About Us

In 1995, a group of Singapore investors started a chemical business in Taixing City, PRC with an initial capital investment of USD29.5 million.  As a result, SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co Ltd, a wholly owned China subsidiary of Singapore-based SP Chemicals Pte Ltd, were established.

Today, SP Chemicals (Taixing) has transformed itself from a chlor-alkali producer into a petrochemical producer with more than two decades of continuous expansion through the company’s own resources. The company has a cracker and its own power plant.  The company now produces ethylene, propylene, styrene, vinyl chloride monomer, caustic soda, chlorine, hydrogen and other chemical raw materials.  Its paid-up capital has increased to USD521.9 million and the total investment is RMB11.0 billion as of  December 2021.

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Styrene Monomer Uses

Intermediate raw chemical used in making polystyrene plastics …

Vinyl Chloride 
Monomer Uses

PVC, used in varied industries such as construction, packaging, consumer …

Caustic Soda Uses

Pulp and paper, textiles, soap and washing detergents …

Chlorine Uses

Water purification, sanitation of industrial waste, sewage and …